18-Year-Old Lost His Eye To Fireworks During Lion Dance Performance

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An 18-year-old lion dancer in Muar, Johor, lost his eye to fireworks on the ninth day of the lunar new year (30 January).

It was a sad outcome for the youngster as it was supposed to be the season’s last performance by the lion dance troupe.

In an interview with Sin Chew, the victim’s elder sister said the lion troupe was from Tangkak, some 30km north of Muar.

The troupe went out on the night of the eighth day of the Lunar New Year to perform lion dance in private homes. According to my understanding, my younger brother performed a lion dance that day.

The victim’s elder sister on how the accident unfolded.

The victim was tasked to lit the firework, which exploded as soon as they were lit.

He was subsequently injured and fell to the ground.

After consulting the family members, they sent him to the hospital in Tangkak.

Worse To Come

When the sister reached Tangkak Hospital at 2:00 am, her brother was undergoing treatment, including stitches.

She said at that time, his brother seemed fine and did not mention the pain of the wound.

But when he sought further treatment at Muar Hospital, it was discovered that his right eye was seriously injured.

At Muar Hospital, my younger brother took an X-ray and waited for surgery. At that time, the doctor said that the worst case would be to remove the eyeball and install a prosthetic eye.

The victim’s elder sister on the worsening of his brother’s situation.

However, after the operation that night, the doctor had bad news.

Although the injured eyeball did not need to be removed, the vision in the right eye had been damaged, leading to blindness.

She pointed out that her younger brother is still in the hospital for observation.

Impaired Vision Without Removing The Right Eye

Although his left eye is not affected, the doctor said he must stay at the hospital and be observed.

The sister mentioned that she is unsure why her brother lit the fireworks, and everyone has different opinions.

The family also enquired as to why the fireworks exploded.

People who sell fireworks said they might have fallen to the ground before, which caused the malfunction.

Seeing the blindness of the boy’s right eye, the family members felt heartbroken, but the injured still comforted the family members firmly.

The sister said that her younger brother sent her a text message, telling her family members not to worry and that he would stay strong.

My younger brother also told me: ‘At least I still have one eye, and I can still see you!’

The victim’s elder sister on reassurance from her brother.

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