KK restaurant fined RM200 for overcharging customers

KOTA KINABALU: Undercover personnel from the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry went to a restaurant in Foh Sang on Friday (Feb 3) after complaints were received from the public over its pricey food.

Its Sabah office director Georgie Abas said two of his men went to the restaurant in plain clothes pretending to be customers and made a test purchase after complaints went viral on social media.

He added other personnel in uniform then joined them later in the exercise codenamed Ops Samar.

“We found that the operator did not put up a full price board and did not clearly state if there were additional charges if they wished to add on food items.

“The restaurant also failed to state the prices for two types of canned drinks it sold.

“The team issued a RM200 compound notice on the spot to the operator,” Georgie said in a statement on Saturday (Feb 4).

He said the operator was booked under the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act for failing to provide the prices of items sold at the eatery.

The operator, he said, was also advised to update and clearly state the prices of food and drinks offered.

“The restaurant was also told to list items in their menu with prices in Malay in addition to the existing menu written in Chinese,” he said, adding that the Ministry would monitor the restaurant from time to time to ensure the operator followed the rules.

He also said consumers must also make it a habit to ask for purchase receipts from businesses.

If they fail to provide receipts, the public may report the matter to the ministry via WhatsApp at 019-279 4317 or 019-848 8000 or contact its call centre at 1-800 886 800 or its Enforcement Command Centre at 03-8882 6088/6245.

He said consumers may also file online complaints through e-aduan.kpdnhep.gov.my or email to [email protected] or they can choose to visit the nearest ministry office.

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