Step down, disappointed Titiwangsa Umno Wanita chief tells Noraini

Titiwangsa Wanita Azwati Abdul Halim said there is a push for Noraini to claim responsibility of her actions while leading the seat.

She said as a chief the Parit Sulong MP should hear the problems faced by her members instead of distancing herself.

“Why did the grassroots choose to reject Noraini? Why did 147 Wanita division chiefs no longer want to support Noraini? She is aware of the cause.

“The Wanita wing fights for the party’s interests and victory. Their fate must be defended. The chief must lend her ear instead of distancing herself to mock, criticise and insult members,” she claimed in a statement on Sunday.

It was previously reported over half of the Umno Wanita Division chiefs throughout the country had urged Tan Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil to return and lead Malaysia Umno Wanita.

Kota Melaka Umno Wanita chief Datuk Haryaty Hamdzah said 147 Umno Wanita division chiefs had decided in a meeting with Shahrizat recently.

Haryaty said the reputation and legacy Shahrizat brought as the first Women, Family and Community Minister left a positive impact on them.

Universiti Utara Malaysia Politics and International Relations Analyst Professor Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani shared the same sentiments.

Azizuddin said the former Umno Wanita chief represented a much more qualified individual to lead the wing compared to Noraini during the party election in March.

He explained the Umno Wanita chief was currently seen as unable to perform her tasks efficiently.

Azizuddin said the past records show Shahrizat as the Wanita leader who had performed her responsibilities to the best of her abilities.

BN Wanita Communications Director Datuk Rosni Zahari said it was not fair to compare Noraini’s leadership with the past.

She explained Noraini was appointed as the Umno Wanita chief while the party was at its lowest.

Rosni said even though she was placed in such a situation the former Higher Education minister made the best of the situation by mainstreaming women and appointing many qualified Wanita division chiefs as directors in public universities.

Azwati said Norainy must be brave to solve problems faced in the wing.

“The excuse of Noraini taking the position while Umno was at its lowest and faced multiple difficulties shouldn’t be used.

“When Noraini was appointed as minister, that was the time she should have used everything to strengthen Wanita but what has she done?” she questioned.

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