All for RM1 a packet!

PASIR MAS: At Pasar Tasek Raja here, people come in droves almost on a daily basis to get their hands on a variety of delicious kuih-muih (traditional Malay desserts) that are sold for only RM1 a packet.

From doughnuts, banana fritters, curry puffs, sardine rolls, cekodok to cucur badak, they are sold in packets of four pieces for only RM1.

Apart from that, fried bee hoon, fried noodles and fried kuey teow are also being sold for RM1 per packet.

It is understood that the RM1 pricing has been around for years, only that the quantity has reduced following the rise in prices of goods and raw materials.

Kuih seller Azizah Salleh, 62, said that she had been selling some 30 different types of kuih-muih, for RM1, since 22 years ago.

She said when she first started selling them, she used to sell eight pieces a packet for RM1.

However, three years ago, she had to cut the amount down to only four pieces due to rising costs.

“Well, four pieces of kuih for just RM1 is still considered cheap. That is why many people still come and buy kuih-muih here every morning.

Apart from making and selling kuih-muih, Azizah also takes in some traditional Malay desserts made by nearby kampung folk to be sold.

When asked if she could still make a profit, she said that she could still make a small profit.

“Alhamdulillah, by selling kuih-muih at an affordable price, I still managed to raise six children. And I simply cannot raise the price as there are four other kuih-muih sellers here who are maintaining the RM1 price,” she said.

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