#BEAUTY: Secrets of the sea

THE riches of the sea are making a splash in the cosmetics sector, and for good reason. Seaweed, oysters, and more simply, seawater are full of benefits for the skin. Hydration, firmness, radiance, protection and regeneration are among the many virtues of marine active ingredients, which seem to be finding favour in the beauty industry.

Clean beauty and men’s beauty will be major areas of focus for the cosmetics industry throughout 2023. But this shouldn’t prevent the emergence of new trends or micro-trends, whether driven by social networks or by the search for new ingredients that are increasingly respectful of the skin and the environment. This is the case of marine active ingredients, the new favourites of skincare brands, which are looking to their high hydrating and anti-ageing potential. As such seaweed, seawater and oysters are more than ever in the spotlight right now.


Seaweed has become a must-have in cosmetics and has a wide range of virtues for the skin. It also has the benefit of being natural. Preventing dehydration, firming the skin, fighting against the loss of radiance and elasticity, eliminating toxins, smoothing pores and reducing wrinkles, are some of the superpowers of these plants that inhabit the seas and oceans. Red, green or brown, each variety of algae has its own virtues. It all depends on which one you choose to add to your beauty routine.


Salt water is known to be good for the skin, but not everyone is lucky enough to live by the sea. Still, you can always take advantage of the properties of salt directly in your bathroom! A handful of coarse salt, or pink Himalayan salt — although not iodised — in the bath or as a scrub, can allow the skin to benefit from its multiple virtues. Not only does salt water detoxify and regenerate the skin, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, it promotes relaxation, and can contribute to relieving certain skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.


Although less well-known, the benefits of oysters are nevertheless being harnessed by cosmetic brands, some of which have even made this mollusk their specialty. In the form of shell powder or oyster extract, the precious shellfish has mattifying, exfoliating and remineralising properties, while fighting against certain signs of ageing such as wrinkles or sagging skin. This is due to its high content in marine minerals and trace elements.

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