Cops seize preacher Firdaus Wong’s smartphone, says witness in Ebit Lew’s sexual harassment case

TENOM: The sixth prosecution witness in Ebit Lew’s sexual harassment trial told the magistrate’s court here that independent preacher Firdaus Wong’s mobile phone was confiscated by police.

Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department’s Sexual, Women and Child Investigations Division (D11) child investigation unit head Superintendent Hirdawaty Isa said he received instructions from investigating officer Superintendent Noor Asyikin Shamsuri to confiscate Wong’s mobile phone at 2pm on Sept 28, 2021.

“I was informed that he would come to the D11 office, Bukit Aman, on that day.

“As soon as he arrived at the D11 office around 7.05pm, I ordered Firdaus Wong to hand over his mobile phone.

“I then issued an inspection form to Firdaus Wong,” he said when answering questions from deputy public prosecutor Zahida Zakaria during an examination-in-chief at the Tenom magistrate’s court here today.

Hirdawaty said the confiscated mobile phone was a white iPhone XS Max with a Digi sim card.

The trial of the sexual harassment case involving Lew continues at the Tenom magistrate’s court until Feb 10.

Lew, 37, or his real name, Ebit Irawan Ibrahim, arrived at the court at 9.10am today in a black Toyota Land Cruiser.

During proceedings on Dec 21, Firdaus Wong told the court that he did not know whether a complainant in the case, whose identity was not disclosed, had sent pornographic pictures to Lew.

“(The complainant) never told me. In fact, I didn’t even ask (the complainant). This is the first time I’ve seen the picture.

“I also cannot confirm whether the obscene picture is a picture of the complainant’s breasts or someone else’s,” Firdaus said when answering a question from deputy public prosecutor Zahida Zakaria at the re-examination session of the case.

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