‘We work 14 hours a day, we are tired’ says doctor on long queues at hospital

A doctor under her Twitter handle of @FarraDiana wrote: “We work a minimum of 14 hours a day with minimal pay. We don’t even have time to eat, rush for our prayers and sometimes unbale to do so.

“We have minimal manpower to treat the influx of patients, (patients are) tired of waiting, we’re triple tired.

“Don’t blame doctors and nurses or any health worker, we are tired.

Those who want to vent, let it out at the health ministry and urge them to add manpower,” she wrote, today.

This comes after a viral clip of a confrontation between a patient and hospital Serdang staff.

The video was uploaded on @BismaAli TikTok account.

The confrontation took place due to a long wait to get a treatment. The patient was reported to have waited from 8am to 7pm.

Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa has apologised over the incident and said heart check ups must be done which may cause a delay between each patient.

She hoped individuals would empathise with health workers who were working non-stop to aid and provide best services.

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