Maxis Fibre Broadband users will have to pay RM10/month to get public IP

If you’re currently using public IP with your Maxis Home Fibre broadband, it appears that Maxis has started charging a subscription fee of RM10/month. This extra subscription fee for Public IPv4 appears to take effect starting last month, January 2023. However, if you’ve requested for public IP previously, you can still use it for free until March 2023.

According to Maxis in its FAQ, Maxis is currently offering private IPs by default to provide greater security as this configuration will prevent traffic and communication initiated outside the Maxis network to reach their users. The move is similar to TM which has stopped offering public IP for Unifi Home Broadband users on 100Mbps plans and below.

For most home users, this wouldn’t affect your internet experience unless you’re using certain applications and services which require you to have a public IP and port forwarding. This may include non-cloud-based CCTV systems, self-hosted services including email servers and VPN, or if you’re hosting a game server that requires a public IP.

For Maxis Home Fibre Broadband customers who have requested public IP before 8th December 2022, you can continue to use it for free and they will start charging after giving you three months’ notice. The FAQ states that if you’ve requested public IP from 8th December 2022 onwards, the RM10/month will apply for the service.

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