‘Save me and my sister, and I will become your slave’ – Child earthquake victim

The current situation in Syria with the continuous issues of war, rebel groups and refugees since more than a decade ago have made it difficult for the search and rescue effort of victims of the earthquake which recently struck the country and Turkey

People in Syria were likely to be prepared for various risks of attacks or bombings which stormed the land of Anbiya.

However, during the search and rescue operation at a building following the earthquake in Syria which focused on Idlib and Aleppo, the team found two children underneath the rubble.

Journalist Zuhair Alamosa shared the moments of the rescue mission on Twitter.

He said what was heartbreaking was that one of the child had begged to be extracted from the building collapse expressing willingness to be made as a slave, if they rescued her and her sister.

“Get me out from under this wreckage, sir, me and my sister, and I will become your slave,” the girl was heard saying in a 17-second video.

The child’s expression was as if the building collapsed due to an attack and not the earthquake.

In the video, the girl clad in a blue shirt tried to keep her younger sister who was in distressed under the building’s ruins calm.

Both of them looked exhausted after being trapped, likely without food or drink since the earthquake struck on Monday.

Both of them were reportedly trapped after the roof of their house collapsed. – AWANI

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