SplashMania Water Park At Gamuda Cove, Worth A Visit?

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Other than camping and picnics, water activities also attract many local and international tourists to our country.

When the mood to jump into a pool arises, several water-based theme parks will come to mind and all of them have their own unique offerings.

Adding to the list is Gamuda Land’s SplashMania which opened its doors this week at Gamuda Cove, strategically located along the Elite Highway with a direct link to Cyberjaya.

If you happen to drive along the Elite highway, the giant replica ship that has become iconic in SplashMania will catch your attention as it can be viewed from far.

Sanjay Nadarajah, General Manager (Leisure & Hospitality) of Gamuda Land, said “Where Nature Meets Fun” is the essence of SplashMania theme park.

Taking into consideration the natural setting of the waterpark and the surrounding wetlands, we ensured that we dedicate 70% of the waterpark to green spaces. The rides and slides in SplashMania are designed by Polin Waterparks and ProSlide Technology who are slide trustable developers with outstanding technology and a safety record that is innovative.

Sanjay Nadarajah, General Manager (Leisure & Hospitality) of Gamuda Land

The TRP team recently explored the SplashMania Waterpark in Gamuda Cove.

The water park sits on an18-acre land and has 24 slides and 15 main attractions.

Everyone present, old and young, were excited to try all the attractive slides available.

Starting your day at SplashMania

For those who are wondering about the safety of their belongings, do not worry as the management in SplashMania provide lockers to store your things for only RM10 that can only be paid for by cash.

Just like the other water parks, changing rooms and toilets are also available for visitors to change comfortably. If you wish to take a shower, then make sure to bring your own soap and shampoo as these are not provided.

For Muslim visitors, there is also a surau in the park.

If you wish to have a meal before exploring the park, there is a café available.

In our opinion, the prices of the foods served were quite expensive if compared with restaurants outside. A set of a small pizza and coke came up to RM 20.80.

Guests can order their food at the counter and wait till their number is called by the server.

Ready? Let’s explore SplashMania!

Once we got on the bridge opposite the entrance, we were ready to start having fun.

There are many water slides and one of the attractions at SplashMania include a 78-meter multimedia and audio water slide equipped with various LED light effects.

Among the slides and attractions that are open to visitors include: Whoopa Loopa, Titanic Experience, Amazonia, Omba’King Cove, Surf Mania, Rainforest-Style Rapids, Whacka Boom Boom, Rush Havoc, Shaka Waka, Plunge, Sumaumeira Drop, Wild Rush, Maniac Racers, Twin Turbo, Typhoon Terror, Curl & Swirl, Swaggy’s Cliff, Splash Sploosh, Tiny Twista, Mini Monsta, Mini Mania, Treasure Tower and Wave Ball Pool.

Rainforest-Style Rapids

The first attraction that we tried were the Rainforest-Styled Rapids. If you ever feel like ‘healing’ while sitting on a float, this attraction is perfect. The water currents are not too bad also. No need to push, the float will move by itself.

We ourselves were almost pushed by the water current when we were not holding on to anything.

In this circular Rainforest-Style Rapids, there are several types of interesting elements such as: Savage Ravage, Secret Lair, Donut Rapids, Bubbly Dip, Monsoon, Pinnacle Creek, Rain Shooters, Happy Feet and Wave Ball Pool.

The most challenging element is the Rain Shooters, because when you go through it the water will shoot out and attack you from the left and right.

Be careful as the water that is shooting at you is quite strong. Our advice is to cover your face or put your face down when passing through the area.

Treasure Tower

At Treasure Tower, there are various types of water slides suitable for children.

There are slides that are short and long and some of them have colourful LED lights. It is absolutely fun, and you won’t be satisfied if you ride it just once.

The main attraction of the Treasure Tower is a replica of a bucket located at the top which will pour water out when it is full.

You also need to be careful if you wish to go up to some parts of the ‘tower’ as there will be splashes from below that move upwards

Wild Rush

Another attraction that is worth trying is the Wild Rush but remember to exercise caution as the pool is three meters deep.

After you’ve twirled down the slide, you might be a little surprised to splash into a deep pool.

However, you don’t have to worry as there is a lifeguard to help you if necessary.

SplashMania ‘Early Bird’ Ticket Prices Until March 31

For those of you who want to try the exciting attractions at SplashMania for yourself, you can enjoy ‘early bird‘ tickets starting at RM63 for children and seniors while adults and those over 120cm tall can buy tickets at RM79.

This ‘early bird’ ticket price is only available until March 31, 2023.

SplashMania Water Park is open from 10am to 6pm every day except Tuesday unless it falls on a public or school holiday.

For more information visit their website.

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