Condo owners sue Country Garden over ‘shoddy work’ at luxury project

JOHOR BAHRU: A top-tier China-owned developer is being sued over alleged shoddy workmanship, use of substandard materials and a range of unrectified defects in two luxury apartment buildings in Danga Bay here.

The suit against Country Garden Danga Bay Sdn Bhd was brought by the joint management body (JMB) of the Royal Strand and Lovell blocks of serviced apartments.

The JMB said 27 letters were sent to the developer from 2018 to 2022 listing all the defects but the problems were not rectified. A professional engineer was engaged to confirm the defects and shoddy workmanship.

The JMB said it spent RM700,245 to rectify some of the urgent problems such as leaking water tanks, faulty electrical wiring and blocked sewerage systems that were causing inconvenience to the more than 1,000 owners.

When contacted, Kho Sze Jia, a lawyer representing Country Garden, said they would be defending the suit. The suit was filed by the Law Chambers of Vin Sa & Ian on behalf of the JMB.

The apartment owners said the developer had marketed the property as a high-end, luxurious residential project. However, some were not delivered while others were of sub-standard and poor quality.

The JMB alleged that “serious faulty electrical wiring” had been installed, with the entire balcony of the condominium connected to the lightning earthing conductor.

“The electric current from lightning will strike a person who is gripping the balcony fence,” the JMB said.

The apartment owners seek an order compelling the developer to appoint a professional independent engineer to assess the damage and repair all defects at the developer’s cost, reimburse the JMB for repairs and the fee of an independent consultant.

Country Garden Danga Bay is part of the China-owned Country Garden group which is developing the Forest City project on four reclaimed islands in the Johor straits.

The price of apartments in the Royal Strand condominium project ranges from RM345,000 to RM3 million each, according to property websites.

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