Married actor Faizal Hussein still hit on by women at 55, critical of married actors and on-set romance

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 — Veteran actor Faizal Hussein still gets attention from the opposite sex, even at the age of 55.

But it’s not a non-issue for the Best Male Actor winner at the 25th Malaysian Film Festival, who believes a married man has boundaries and should respect those boundaries even on set.

It’s a decision he’s stood by since he first became involved in showbiz because he didn’t want to be embroiled in any scandals that could affect his reputation as an actor.

“I’m an old man but there are still women who try to hit on me,” Faizal said in an interview with Utusan Malaysia.

“I set boundaries by calling every woman I meet ‘adik’ (younger sister).”

He does this so people respect his status as a married man and till today, he’s never been romantically linked with anyone he meets on set.

“I only talk to actors before shooting a scene or at meal times after the day’s work is done,” he continues.

Faizal, who has starred in over 50 dramas and movies over the years, is critical of married male actors who scandalously become romantically linked to their co-stars on set.

As an old-timer in showbiz, he condemned the attitude of actors who don’t know their limits and get carried away until the inevitable scandal erupts.

“You know you’re someone’s husband, so why entertain women who come on to you? I get my own food on set and I’m usually sitting in the car before shooting starts.

“You’re not going to last long in this business if you’re always causing controversy, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad controversy.”

Faizal has been married to actress Sulaiha Sulaiman for 19 years and they have two children in Fazryn and Fazrick.

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