Politically Frank: ‘I wanted Ismail Sabri to look ‘timeless, professional’ says Jovian on dressing ex-PM

“When Ismail Sabri was the prime minister, I wanted to make sure he looked timeless, professional, and sharp. Nothing fancy,” said Jovian, who is the former premier’s son-in-law.

On Ismail Sabri’s fashion sense, he said that his father-in-law prefers quality.

Ismail Sabri previously was criticised after social media users spotted him using a Burberry shirt which is estimated to cost thousands of ringgit while the rakyat were grappled with the rising cost of living.

“Well, the Burberry’s issue wasn’t me (my doing); it is just his taste.

“He likes quality items and I think there is nothing wrong with that.

“I mean, I’m sure all of you like something that is branded, there shouldn’t be an issue wearing every it once in a while,” Jovian told Sinar Daily’s Politically Frank.

When asked about his fashion sense, he said that he loves simple and comfortable clothes.

“Do I like branded stuff? I don’t buy the brand, I buy the quality.”

Jovian also shared his experience working with politicians who came to him for fashion advice.

“Well, I do get a lot of politicians coming to me for fashion advice. They also request customise suits or batik.

“It is more about tailoring attires to their taste and likings and yes, I do provide great tailoring,” he said.

When it comes to fashion, Jovian advised Malaysian politicians to just be practical and of course, be lowkey.

“You can look good with simple things because less is more.

“If you’re a politician, someone who is influential it is best to be practical on what you wear, and always look smart,” he advised.

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