University Student Goes Viral After Looking Up During Exam

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A photo capturing a student’s emotions during an exam is going viral online.

The photo shows a student from University Malaysia Perlis (UMP) looking up while sitting while other students were busy answering the exam questions.

UMP shared it on its Facebook page.

UMP uploaded other photos which showed the situation at the examination hall, but the particular photo caught netizens’ attention.

At the time of writing, the photo has been shared more than 11,000 times.

The student’s facial expression has left netizens chuckling; many said they could relate as they also had awkward moments during exams.

Netizens tried their best to figure out what was on his mind.

Netizens also put on their creativity as they thought the picture was meme-worthy.

A fellow student who sat behind him was also not spared.

Some said it reminded them of the classic Mr Bean scene, in which the bumbling, childlike character was late and unprepared for his exam.

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What Emotions Do People Get During Exams?

Fear is the most expected emotion that students feel during exams.

Students will notice how their heart races and their breath quickens when they see the question paper, and they do not seem to know the first two questions. 

Many also experience nervousness or apprehension before, during, or even after an exam.

Feeling anxiety when preparing for and taking a test is perfectly natural.

Too much worry about a test is commonly referred to as test anxiety, which is very common among students.

Peer pressure, societal pressure and common factors can also aggravate the feeling.

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