Chinese mother diagnosed with ‘forcing son to marry’ disorder after bringing him to psychiatrist every CNY

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 10 — As Valentine’s Day approaches, many single young adults may be facing peer pressure from friends and family to find a partner.

One Chinese mother went as far as to bring her son to a psychiatrist every Lunar New Year, eventually being diagnosed with ‘forcing son to marry disorder’.

A 38-year-old single man named Wang shared his mother’s attempts to solve his lacklustre love life in a viral Weibo video uploaded by Sohu News.

In the video, Wang explained that he has never introduced a girl to his parents during the festive period. In his hometown Henan, some people called him a ‘super single old man’.

Believing he had ‘something wrong in the head’, his mother began taking him to Henan Provincial Psychiatric Hospital for multiple psychiatric visits.

After several trips yielded no sign that Wang was mentally ill, the doctor diagnosed his mother instead with a ‘mental disorder’ reportedly known as ‘forcing her son to marry’.

“I should not be identified as an unmarried person,” Wang told The Beijing News.

“I am just very busy and haven’t met the right person. My mum can’t sleep because I don’t get married, so I feel quite upset.”

Wang added he hadn’t saved enough money to afford a house in Beijing, believing no one would want to marry him.

Wang previously worked as an actor before becoming a tennis coach in Beijing where he has lived for a decade.

Many online users related to Wang’s struggle as it is common for traditional Asian parents to put peer pressure on their children to find a partner in their 30s.

“Why are we treated like sinners in society if we don’t get married?” one user commented.

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