This is why you shouldn’t make your bed immediately after waking up

One regular habit many people have can cause more health damage than previously thought. One cleaning blogger, known for posting tips and techniques across social media platforms, shed light on one important part of housekeeping that ended up grabbing the attention of users.

Cleaning Instagram star, known as Mrs. D’s Cleaning Reviews, shocked her 135,000 followers when she revealed why we need to stop making our beds immediately after waking up. “Throughout the night, we not only sweat but we also shed skin. All of this is a magnet for dust mites and bed bugs,” she wrote.

“If you make your bed right after you get up, you risk trapping moist air under the covers – which helps pests multiply,” said the cleaning expert. According to D’s, the only way to protect yourself from these pests is to “let the bed breathe” by removing the covers from the mattress for a short period of time.

How did Mrs. D’s revelation go viral?

The Instagram star’s advice has become popular on social media in recent weeks, thanks in part to early childhood research conducted at Kingston University in London. The study explained that making the bed immediately after getting up from it can cause sensitivity and health problems such as allergies and asthma. This is due to the presence of dust mites.

Mrs. D’s advised followers to air out their bedding for at least an hour every day. 

She explained that if you don’t have too much time before leaving for work, “leave the bed as it is until you get home, and only then bother to make it. Make sure to do this all year round and not just in the winter months. Most people only let your bed ‘breathe’ in the summer or only in the winter, but it’s important to do it every day because the whole season has its effects on our skin,” she said. 

She concluded, “This method will help you get rid of dust mites and also extend the life of your mattress.”

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