Mother devastated after being informed of missing son’s body

ALOR GAJAH – A mother’s heart broke as she was informed of the discovery of the body of her son who had allegedly been murdered and burned in Hutan Percha last week.

Vathma, 55, said that although the police had not yet confirmed that it was her child, R Darvnrajh, 24, who had been reported missing since Sept 10, but through a viral surveillance footage, Vathma admitted that the man who was beaten by three individuals was her son.

According to her, her eldest child was last seen leaving their house to watch a movie with his 17-year-old sibling and some friends last Sept 9.

She said that before the incident, he was in Kuala Lumpur for a religious ceremony and the victim had asked for permission to go to the movie.

“At the time, I was reluctant to allow him to leave the house, but after being persuaded by my husband and children, I eventually let him.

“But when I arrived home in Tampin at about 2.30am on September 10, my son was still not home, so we reported that he was missing at the nearby police station,” she recounted today.

Far more heartbreaking than not being able to celebrate Darvnrajh’s birthday last Sept 10 was when his family received the news of his body’s discovery.

Vathma pointed out that she had no idea why the deceased had been treated in such a way, rejecting the possibility of jealousy as her son did not have a girlfriend.

“Before he had gone missing, he had told a friend to find a buyer for his old Yamaha 125Z motorcycle.

“He told me that the RM4,000 from the motorcycle sale was to be used for working expenses at Changi Airport, Singapore, but even the money that he had received has not been found at home,” she said.

It is understood that the Melaka police will release a statement in regard sto the discovery of a body believed to be a man in Alor Gajah recently.

The media last Thursday had reported that the police were looking for a man who did not return home.

Tampin District Acting Police chief, Deputy Superintendent Amiruddien Sariman said that the man R Darvnrajh, 24, was last seen with his friends early morning of Sept 10.

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